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XDubai Holding Another Spartan Race

Test your true limits!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

XDubai Holding Another Spartan Race
XDubai is known for their extreme activities and adrenaline fueled lifestyle. You might have heard about them from the XLine that they put up in the Dubai Marina. Now they’re taking it one step further and bringing back the ultimate way to push yourself, the Spartan Race. 

The concept of this race is nothing new, it’s been done countless times in various cities around the world. Chances are one of your facebook friends has participated and posted their pictures of the grueling race. You know those super intense shots of people posing in true satisfaction that they’ve finished the race, completely sweaty, covered in mud, dirt and looking like a hot mess.

Well, if you’ve been looking to get back into the fitness world or you’re already a sports enthusiast, then this is your opportunity to get in on the fun. During the race (there’s two options, 13+Km and 5+km) you’ll find several obstacles that you have to get through to reach the finish line. These include, mud, water, climbing uphill, mountains, jumping over fire and much more.

Since it’s taking place during Breast Cancer Awareness month, it might give you that extra encouragement to participate, since a percentage of the proceeds will go towards Brest friends, an organization thats dedicated to helping women learn how to detect any early signs of breast cancer. Not only will you be pushing your body to the limit, but you’ll be helping out a good cause. Oh and you’ll also look like a badass, so bragging rights are allowed once you’ve gotten through it.

It’s taking place on the 16th of November, so make sure you book your spot now.