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Will Smith is Having a Blast in Dubai

New instagram posts, so naturally we had to talk about it

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Will Smith is Having a Blast in Dubai
The last article we wrote about Smith’s Dubai shenanigans featured that famous picture of him on the loo at his hotel room in the Burj Khalifa. Now, he’s back with his usual antics and documented everything on his Instagram. Here’s what you missed if you haven’t seen it yet:

The first post that’s shown below isn’t just the regular iPhone video, which makes it all the more entertaining and a clear example of Will’s personality. He essentially made a mini-movie about the process of walking into his hotel room at the Kempinski only to open the curtains to show us the view of Ski Dubai. We’re then invited to follow him on the journey to test out the slopes, with a few cuts to the desert to really highlight how crazy skiing in Dubai actually is, all of this is played over a Christmas song followed by an Arabic one to really complete the juxtaposition. Check it out –

The other video which you can see below is another comedic masterpiece which tells the story of him going to try out one of those balls that you roll around in (hard to explain, just refer to the video). We gotta give Will credit for maximum effort and fab storytelling skills! What were your thoughts about both videos? Have any of you gotten lucky enough to spot him around the city?

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