What You Need to Know About the Recently Opened Jameel Arts Centre

Museum lovers, get ready for some exciting news:

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

What You Need to Know About the Recently Opened Jameel Arts Centre
We’ve already written an article about the museums that you should check out in the UAE, but if you’ve gone through all of them already then don’t worry because a brand new one just opened at the Jaddaf Waterfront in Dubai and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

As shown in the picture at the top of this article, the Jameel Arts Centre is marking its position as one of the many architectural marvels in the city. Upon first glance, it possesses many elements that contribute to modern aesthetic such as large windows and straight lines. However, lead architect Christopher Lee from Serie Architects explained that its composition was actually inspired by traditional Arabic design, known as Sha’abi. You’ll see that the layout consists of several rooms that all surround a courtyard, which resembles a community of sorts with an inviting atmosphere.

Inside you’ll find a total of 10 gallery spaces that will have a variety of content such as solo exhibitions, projects, curated commissions and much more. The work will come from the Art Jameel collection as well as regional/international collaborations. Jameel Arts Centre is also home to the UAE’s first open-access library with over 2,500 books/documents about the cultural history and evolution of the Gulf & Middle East.

Covering a total area over 10,000 sqm there’s plenty to discover from gardens, a sculpture park, the library, galleries, gift shop and restaurant. The sculpture park is also a bridge from the centre to the Jaddaf Corniche, another beautiful area that you should walk around afterwards. The idea behind the opening of this centre is to encourage a space where artists from all around the world can come together to exhibit their new work.

Have a look at a few pics of the centre…

Opening times: Daily, Sat-Weds (10am-8pm); Thurs-Fri (10am-10pm). Free entry