What You Need To Know About Dubai Design Week

One of the most creative events of the year!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

What You Need To Know About Dubai Design Week
Dubai Design Week is returning this November, so we thought we’d tell you what the event is and what you can expect if you’re planning to attend.

Taking place from the 12th to 17th of November, this festival is absolutely packed full of interesting exhibits, talks, film screenings, installations, workshops and much more (a total of 200+ over the six days). For an in-depth guide about every single one of these, check out their programme here.¬†DDW is as of now, the largest creative event of its kind within the whole Middle East region, confirming Dubai’s coveted position as the “capital of design”. The events listed above all revolve around topics such as architecture, interior/graphic design, film, media, etc.

Considering the theme of the festival, you know that the Dubai Design District (d3) was the obvious location to host it. The recently built area embodies everything that the design community represents and hence, is the perfect place for the entire community to congregate in. To give a little insight into the types of numbers you’d expect to see, last year there was a recorded number of 60,000 visitors in attendance of the various events that you can see on the link to the programme. This year marks the 4th anniversary of the event, and the turn out is expected to be even bigger. One of the cities most known design fairs; Downtown Design, will be having an exhibition dedicated to showing projects from innovative international universities.

Now to get to the good news – we’re always a fan of creative events that are accessible to all and this festival definitely delivered in that respect – it’s completely free to attend! We’ll be covering the aftermath of the festival, to sum up the events and what the opinions of those who attended were. Check back for more content during the six days it takes place!