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The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Dubai’s JBR Area

Kicking off our guides around the most popular spots in Dubai, it's only fitting we start with the newly renovated JBR

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The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Dubai’s JBR Area
The Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is a strip of apartments, shops, restaurants and hotels that are located right by the sea. There’s plenty to do, so to make things easier for you we’ve listed the highlights of visiting this area…


TEP Factor

Recently opened right by the Bahar 1 building in JBR, this place is perfect to come with your kids and if you love a bit of adventure. You can work in a team of two to six as you go through the maze completing several challenges that are thrown your way. The good news is that it takes place completely inside, so you can escape the hot rays for a while. Have a look at the video below for a taste of what to expect!

Glowing Rooms

Also recently opened and located right next door to TEP Factor, glowing rooms is an indoor (glow in the dark) mini golf track. Who doesn’t love mini golf? It’s like golfing, except you actually have fun while you’re doing it! Oh, and you get to live that 80s life as you’re surrounded by blacklight.


ROXY Cinema

No introduction needed, we all love a good cinema day/night and what better place then at a cinema right next to the beach? Check out their website to see what movies are showing and if you’re feeling EXTRA then book tickets at one of the luxury viewing rooms which come with your own reclining chair, blankets, pillows and table service. Doesn’t get more Dubai than that!

Flying Cup

Another recently built attraction, the flying cup gives you the chance to see the whole view of what the JBR looks like.

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel is equally new to JBR (they’re constantly adding stuff) so why not be one of the first to give it a go!

Carnival Games

Going hand in hand with the ferris wheel, why not continue with the carnival vibe and play some games, there’s tons of cute toys to win!

X Line 

Only for the true adrenaline junkies, the Dubai Marina (right next to JBR) is home to the world’s longest urban zipline, who needs to be in nature when you’ve got the concrete jungle!

Dubai Marina

Since you’re in the Marina area anyway, you might as well make the most of it and do a little sight-seeing. It’s one of the prettiest parts of Dubai, with serene waters and lots of expensive yachts!


Need we say more? There’s tons of stores to be found on the walk at JBR, from big name brands like Sephora to smaller boutique’s and stalls selling only in Dubai trinkets, perfect for souvenirs!


Considering that JBR has the word BEACH in it, it’s only right that you get your tan on and enjoy the relaxing sea. There’s a large space that’s open to the public, filled with water sports and there are plenty of beach clubs along the sand if you want a more glamourous day. We recommend the Rixos Azure Beach Club, because they’ve got great sangria and super chill vibes.


Regardless of what your preferneces are, whether you like filling your day with tons of activity, shopping till you quite literally drop or chilling by the beach all day, there’s one thing we can all agree on – we all LOVE to eat, right? There are so many restaurants in the area, so the list is really endless, but a few of the places we recommend trying at least once are…

The Cheese Cake Factory, if you’re American you know how good this place is! The menu is huge and we’re not talking just about the cheesecake selection. If you do come, make sure you’re super hungry because the portions are absolutely massive.

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Shake Shack, sorry for all of you trying to be healthy but we just couldn’t help but include this place. The fries, the burgers, the shakes… it’s mouthwatering!


Black Tap, since we’re on the topic of milkshakes… have you heard about Black Tap?



Smoky Beach

To conclude our list of what to do in JBR, what’s better than listening to some cool tunes and smoking shisha after a crazy day of shopping, tanning and eating?