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The Top 5 Karak Chai Spots in Dubai

Karak chai is life - you have to try it if you haven't yet!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

The Top 5 Karak Chai Spots in Dubai
A cup of delicious cardamon goodness also known as Karak chai is a right of passage in Dubai and everyone who’s tried it knows what we’re talking about. We’ve listed our favourite spots to grab a warm cuppa in the city…


For those of you who’ve been in Dubai for a while, then surely you’ve heard of teaway, right? This is like the holy grail of Karak spots and although it might not look like much from the outside (takeaway only) it’s your go to place for chai that tastes good every single time and never dissapoints. It’s right on the Jumeirah two road, next to the mosque. In true Dubai style, you can just park outside and one of the waiters will come up to your window to take your order! Gotta love that ~luxury lifestyle~

Tea Junction

This place is also widely recognized amongst locals, but it’s slightly more developed than Teaway. There’s eight different Chai blends, so you have your choice of what you prefer best.

Filli Cafe

This cafe is probably most known for that orange cup that you see in the instagram picture below. You can order a delicious chai and sit down whilst you drink it all up.


Karak House Dubai

Definitely the more bougie option on this list, Karak House (as its name suggests) is a restaurant that serves a variety of food/drinks, but most importantly, their unique taste of chai. Located in Downtown Dubai, you can come here and enjoy the views of this part of the city whilst downing your chai (with complimentary butter cookies).