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The Green Planet just added some pirañas to their indoor ecosystem

The family is growing!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

The Green Planet just added some pirañas to their indoor ecosystem
The Green Planet is an indoor ecosystem that’s located in Dubai’s City Walk. It’s home to flora and fauna from all over the world and invites visitors to explore/learn about what’s inside.

You know those scary fish you see in movies with the super sharp teeth? Well, although they’re not quite as evil as they come across in the movies, they’re still classified as one of the most dangerous fish in the sea as their bites are quite deadly. Stop by the Green Planet to catch the employees feeding them daily at 4pm… it’ll also be open to questions from the visitors, including setting the record straight in regards to whether they really are depicted realistically in movies.

The pirañas will be located in the Flood Rainforest area, with other aquatic creatures such as the river stingrays and archer fish. If you/your kids love animals/plants and are deeply interested in learning more about them, the Green Planet is the perfect place to start as they have over 3,000 different types. It’s also famous for the massive man-made tree in the centre of the dome, one of the most popular spots for instagram pics! Come and see the pirañas, be up close to a sloth, python and other unique creatures of the world!

Entry for adults is Dhs99 and Dhs74 for kids (3-11), kids below 3 can go for free.

Opening times: Sat-Weds; 10am – 7pm, Thurs-Fri; 10am-8pm

Location: City Walk