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The Future is Here: Robots Will Be in Charge of Cleaning the Metro

Yes, you read the title right!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

The Future is Here: Robots Will Be in Charge of Cleaning the Metro
The RTA has announced the implementation of new robot cleaners that will be in charge of making sure the metro stays spotless 24/7.

Although the headline sounds quite crazy, the introduction of cleaning robots doesn’t exactly surprise anyone who knows that Dubai likes to stay at the peak of technology. Having tidy and fresh metro stations will likely motivate people to use the transport more as fear of anything “gross” will be squashed. Before you imagine some high-tech robot, this contraption looks more like those remote control vaccum cleaners. It’s a four-foot, 375kg, scrubber-dryer that’s 100% automatic, first unveiled at the Gitex Technology Week.

The coolest thing about this new invention is that it requires absolutely no human intervention as it runs on intelligent programming that allows it to go into “self-drive” mode. It’s equipped with the tools neccesary to mop, vaccum and sterilize!

It’s also environmentally friendly as it has the capability to reduce standard water consumption up to 76%. It’s extremely efficient and can clean without taking any breaks/supervision. It’s easy to use as well, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the touchscreen. We’ve definitely entered into the future, what are your thoughts about this invention?