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The Craziest Clubs to Party at This Weekend in Dubai

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

The Craziest Clubs to Party at This Weekend in Dubai
Happy Thursday everyone! Now that the weekend is finally here, here are our top three favourite clubs to party at if you’re really looking for a wild night:


Why not start with what’s considered to be the most bougie and extra club in the city? We’ve written about events happening at WHITE almost consistently week after week since they’ve been delivering artists non stop. If you missed our article, the duo Ayo & Teo will be performing tomorrow night, so make sure you clear your evening so that you can catch them live. It’s been all the rage recently because it only reopened for the season in mid-September (it’s close during the summer months because it’s an open-air club). Keep in mind that you don’t need to pay a cover to enter, but the dress code is super strict and the bouncers will eye you up and down – this is the sort of place to show up looking your absolute best. There’s something happening every single night of the week, so if you fancy a party on a Monday then be our guest!

Cirque Le Soir

I mean… just one look at the instagram picture below and you’ve got to be convinced that this club is an absolute blast! The famous London club has one other branch in Dubai, so if you’ve always wanted to check it out but don’t know when your next trip to London may be, then why not test the waters in Dubai? Modeled after a freakshow circus, you can expect not only drinks/great music but performers, attractions and the most random (fun) places like the ball pit below!


In case you weren’t aware, the Burj Khalifa doesn’t just act as the world’s tallest building and serve no other purpose other than being a sight to see. It also has several restaurants, apartment buildings and the famous Armani Hotel. Inside that hotel, you’ll find the Armani/Privé club which is like the more classy option out of the three. Make sure to dress up here as well and be prepared to feel the glitz & glamour.

If you want to know some more places to go out this weekend, refer to our other list which includes some more low-key options like our favourite bars.