The Coolest Places to go Shopping in Dubai

Dubai has become synonymous with shopping and for good reason!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

The Coolest Places to go Shopping in Dubai
The places to shop in Dubai are endless, over the years it’s gained an international reputation for being a paradise for bargain prices due to its tax-free policies. If you’re visiting Dubai and you love shopping, then make sure you’ve saved up so you can spend a full day browsing, bargaining and buying! We’ve made a list of (a few) of our favourite areas and malls where you can find some unique stores and products that you probably won’t find anywhere else!

Dubai Design District

The Design District is defined as a “truly creative space” and is a recently built urban development that’s home to fashion, architecture, cafes/restaurants and studios. Branded as “D3” for short, this area is a minimalist / design lover’s dream, its modernity is a driving force for attracting more high-end retailers and fashion conventions. You can find pop ups and stores with some of the most limited edition/trendiest items of clothing.

City Walk

City Walk is also a recently built area in Dubai, defined as a “creative lifestyle space” which houses residents, shops, and companies. When you’re here, you can’t help but feel as though you’re in a futuristic space. Best of all the place is equipped with outdoor AC so you can enjoy it even in the summer!

Mercato Mall

Mercato Mall has been around in Dubai for quite some time now, but it continues to be a favourite because of its Italian Renaissance-style interior, with cobbled streets and a cozy, quaint and charming ambiance that makes you feel as though you’ve transported to Italy for the day! Here you can find the basic brand shops, but also yummy gelato places and little stalls selling unique hand-made trinkets.

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall almost needs no introduction or convincing, but for those who’ve never heard of this place, it’s currently the largest mall in the world with a total area of 5.9 million sq ft, over a thousand shops and 120 cafes…how crazy is that! Visiting the Dubai Mall is pretty much like a right of passage for any newbie that comes to the city, and by far the most visited mall amongst residents and locals. You can find the usual fast fashion and luxury brands, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, the famous Dubai aquarium and traditional souks selling jewellery, scarves and other Arab inspired clothing.

Global Village

Global Village is a one-of-a-kind experience which gives you a taste of different countries from around the world. Come here to taste / buy good food (of different cuisines) and just walk around to get the vibe of individual countries from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Arab region. Only available seasonally from October – April, so make sure you don’t miss it during those select 6 months.