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The City is Your Own Personal Gym During This Year’s DFC

Have you been sticking to your 30 minutes of daily exercise?

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

The City is Your Own Personal Gym During This Year’s DFC
We already reported on what the Dubai Fitness Challenge entails but for those missed it, basically all it asks is for the residents of the city to come together in a collective effort to commit to at least 30 minutes of daily exercise for 30 days.

The official starting date for the challenge was October 26th but hopefully, you already knew that since you should’ve been exercising for the past week. This marks the second DFC in the city and an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the community. For those of you who haven’t attempted to participate in the DFC yet, don’t worry because we’re here to motivate you to put in just a little bit of extra effort into your daily schedule for the remaining 3 weeks. Below are a list of places or “fitness villages” where you can find free outdoor gyms that provide classes, equipment and activities no matter the age or fitness level.

The DIFC Fitness Village

With over 300 free classes available on the main stage, you’ll find anything from paddle tennis to a golf simulator. If you like doing other sports rather than just lifting weights or running, then this is the place to come as there are tons of other options.

Opening hours: Weekdays; 7am-9pm, Fridays;3pm-9pm, Saturdays; 2pm-9pm


The DMCC Park Fitness Village has even more free classes, adding up to a total of 400 ranging from all the popular sports like basketball, football, etc. to more family-friendly activities such as gymnastics, acrobatics, and more at the Just Play Adrenaline Village.

Opening hours: Weekdays; 7am-10pm, Fridays; 2pm-10pm, Saturdays; 12pm-9pm

Kite Beach

Definitely one of our favourite beaches in Dubai, the overall vibe and aesthetic are very reminiscent to Venice Beach for those that have been there. They’ll also be offering up over 400 free classes, such as sunrise yoga, various water-related classes, beach volleyball, kayaking and other aqua sports.

Address: Umm Suqeim, just off Jumeirah Beach Road, near Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Opening hours: Daily; 9am-6pm

Palm Jumeirah

At the Palm Jumeirah Fitness Village, you’ll find over 300 free classes similar to all the others we listed above. You can also join the Virtual Fitness Trail which includes 12 station fitness workouts but fully conducted virtually. For the runners out there, you can also find a running trail that includes its own soundtrack and glow in the dark lighting.

Opening hours: Sundays-Wednesdays; 7am-10pm, Thursdays; 7am-11pm, Fridays; 2pm-11:30pm, Saturdays; 2pm-10pm