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The American Chain Restaurants to Eat at This 4th of July

The top places to fufill your all American food cravings!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

The American Chain Restaurants to Eat at This 4th of July

Get ready for some mouthwatering food pics and lots of fries as we list our 5 favourite American chain restaurants in Dubai!

Cheesecake Factory

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the Cheesecake Factory at least once, and that’s not an oppinion, it’s a fact. All of the loyal customers can stand behind this statement, ask anyone of them if you need some more convincing. Check out their website to get taste for what’s on the menu, because they’re known for having a super extensive selection; from asian inspired, to burgers/fries, to pasta, salad, a “skinnylicious” menu and of course, the crem de la crem of cheesecakes! A helpful tip for those who’ve never eaten here is to come STARVING, because the portions are absolutely massive (even apetizers!), oh and also you got to try the fried mac n cheese balls with mariana sauce… what’s more American than that!

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Texas Roadhouse

Get a taste of that southern cousine at Texas Roadhouse, the place to come if you’re looking for some good steak, ribs, fries and delicious fresh baked buns with garlic butter. Get a beer and enjoy the all American vibe!

Shake Shack

If looking at the picture below has made your mouth water, then we’re sorry… but we had too! Shake Shack is one of the best fast food places you’ll ever try, and since 2015 they’ve opened branches in several places around Dubai. A meal here is definitely the perfect idea for a cheat day, make sure you go all out and get fries, a double cheeseburger, a milkshake and if you have space then one of their famous red velvet custards. It’s so good you won’t even feel guilty!

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Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is the quintessential American place, it doesn’t need much explanation does it? We all know about it, and what to expect. How delicious do the nachos below look!! This place never dissapoints to deliver good food and an evern better time.

Five Guys

Five Guys classic American fast food restaurant that we couldn’t not include… even though the main items on the menu are also burger + fries, the taste and vibe is totally different from Shake Shack. Burgers are also massive, so if you don’t have a big appetite then get the “little” burgers, also if you’re a vegetarian then no need to feel left out because they’re known for their veggie friendly alternatives of grilled cheese – which does not dissapoint!