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Satisfy Your Vegan Cravings in Dubai

Eating vegan can sometimes be a challenge, so follow our go to guide of the best spots to order in from

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Satisfy Your Vegan Cravings in Dubai
Have a look through our top 5 favourite vegan to-go restaurants where you can find all the buddha bowls, avo toasts and pressed juices that your plant based heart desires! Some only available on deliveroo and others also have a dine-in restaurant.

Hippy Deli

At the Hippy Deli you can expect to find food specifically made for those constantly on their feet and living an active lifestyle such as avid sports enthusiasts, yoga-goers as well as the everyday vegans who enjoy plant-based and vitamin filled meals. This place is available only for takeaway via deliveroo, so you can enjoy in the comfort of your own house or at lunch time during work.


Can you say veggie burger? Although burger places are increasingly adding vegetarian friendly alternatives to their menu, it doesn’t always mean that the patties taste good. A fully vegan burger place ensures that the flavour is meticulously tested so that you don’t even regret not eating meat for a second. Oh and this place also has delicious milkshakes that are of course, dairy FREE. Deliveroo only.

Urth by Nabz&G

Does the name sound familiar to any of you? Not only is it a play on words on earth, which means you know you’re getting that quality fresh food, but also the name of a famous chain of restaurants in Los Angeles. Nabz&G is committed to serving customers fresh, flavourful meals made with fresh and raw ingredients. They have a healthy mindset and aim to deliver nourishing meals for those seeking a vegan lifestyle. Check out their website for more info on their brand and good news is they also have a physical branch that you can dine in at.

Address: J2 Tower, Lake Level – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Colourful bowls are like the epitome of clean fresh living right? They’re usually so simple yet so delicious. Add some rice, veggies and grains and you’ve got yourself a healthy yet and filling meal.This place does cater certain bowls with meat options incase you’re ordering in with a non vegan/vegetarian. Deliveroo only. P.S. it’s also gluten free!


The Clean Living Company

As the name suggests, this place cares about providing a healthy and organic experience to their customers. No fad diets, just realistic fitness goals and food that keeps your body full and energised. Check out their website for information on their homemade bone broth that’s their speciality and can be delivered right to your door. Deliveroo only.