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Asian restaurant; Tanuki, in the Dubai Mall has a new AI employee

Like we said, the future is here!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Asian restaurant; Tanuki, in the Dubai Mall has a new AI employee
Tanuki in the Dubai Mall has delicious food, outdoor seating with views of the Dubai Fountain and recently, a new waiter who’s eager to meet the customers.

We all know that competition in Dubai is always at an all time high, especially in the Dubai Mall where there’s no scarcity of yummy Asian restaurants. Tanuki might have just done the absolute most with their latest hire and to be honest, its quite genius. In today’s world, its not the most shocking thing in the world to see a robot out and about, but its still pretty exciting, right?

Upon arriving at Tanuki, you’ll be greeted by the robot host and then taken to your table (just like with a regular host/hostess, but obviously its with a robot which makes it different). Throughout the evening, the robot moves around and interacts with the guests (yes, you can actually have a proper exchange that might result in a cheeky performance of some kind, followed by a voucher that can be used at Tanuki).

The restaurant can be found on the bottom floor next to the Noodle House, with amazing views of the fountain. Menu ranges from all the best Asian dishes such as Tom Yam soup, noodles, sushi and much more. If you have the chance to meet the little robot friend, make sure you document the experience… its definitely a moment to remember!