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Recently Opened Nutella Cafe in the Dubai Airport

A customized nutella jar would be the perfect last minute gift!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Recently Opened Nutella Cafe in the Dubai Airport
For all the sweet tooths out there, it seems like our dreams have finally come true. The DXB airport has opened a Nutella cafe, where you can find all the pancakes, crepes, and yummy goodness we all love covered in the hazlenut spread that your heart could ever desire.

Marking the very first of its kind in the Middle East, you can’t find the Nutella Cafe anywere else in the region, so if you are passing through the airport then make sure you grab a taste because this is an experience any chocolate lover can’t pass up.

One of the quirks of this place is you can buy nutella jars with a customizable option of adding a name to it… there’s something about personally branding an object that makes it that much better/it’s the cutest little gift to bring back for a special friend.

If you aren’t planning on swinging up the airport to catch a flight anytime soon, there’s always the option to go to Eataly¬†in the Dubai Mall, as you can find the Nutella Bar that serves the same goodness one can find at the airport. It’s absolutely delicious!