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Push Yourself By Running Dubai’s Desert Marathon

Setting another "world's ____" record with the longest desert ultarmarathon

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Push Yourself By Running Dubai’s Desert Marathon
The Ultramarathon takes place between the 11th-15th of December on the Al Marmoom Desert Reserve, and if you’re a sports buff then you can’t miss out.

The Dubai Sports Council has put together the event with the aim of testing the limit participants can endure, by allowing the choice of 50km, 100km or 270km. Oh and incase you’re wondering why anyone would want to put themselves through such a tough challenge, there’s prizes of up to AED 294,000.

An ultramarathon by definition requires distances over 50km, hence why the length is the shortest option to choose from out of the three. Dubai boasts that this marathon is the longest of all other desert races in the world, even greater than the famous Marathon des Sables that takes place in Morocco’s Sahara.

The structure of the race is as follows, the 50km and 100km are both one long non-stop race whilst the 270km will last 5 days with overnight camping. The routes will have several points to assist with medical care, water and time checks.

The main requirements to enter are that participants are 18+ and fit enough to run such tiresome lengths/carry their own food and equipment.

If you think you’re strong enough to handle the ultramarathon, then click here¬†for ticket prices and information.