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How To Camp in the Dubai Desert For Amateurs

Camping in the desert has a whole different set of guidelines, so listen up if you're planning a trip!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

How To Camp in the Dubai Desert For Amateurs
Camping in the desert is an amazing experience; nothing but you, a tent and the gorgeous night sky. What you’ve got to remember is that camping in the forest/wilderness is quite different than being in the desert, lucky for you our 5 simple rules/instructions are all you need to be just as knowledable as the bedouins.

Our favourite place to go is the LIWA desert, but there are plenty of others all around the UAE.

  1. What some might not know is that although the desert is known as being very hot, the nights are actually even colder. If you’re planning to go between Dec-March, be advised that you have to bring warm clothes/sleeping bags/blankets.2. There are lots of bugs around, even big creepy crawlies like scorpions. So mentally prepare yourself and to avoid any disasters, wear long sleeve tops/pants.3. Driving through the sand requires a big car like a jeep with 4 wheel drive. If you don’t own one, try to sign up for any of the desert tours / rent a car for the trip. It’s essential!4. This one is quite obvious, but it gets pitch dark at night so bring flashlights/anything that can be used as a light.

5. Know how to start a fire/bring the neccesary tools to do so (tinder, log, sticks and matches). Not only will it provide light at night, but everyone knows it’s a requirement for a cozy night.

We hope these 5 tips/rules help you feel more comfortable about going into the desert, take the time to really disconnect from the world. Oh and hopefully you know this already but don’t forget to bring lots of water and food!