Here’s Where You Should Buy Your Dubai Souvenirs

We all know people back home will be expecting gifts!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Here’s Where You Should Buy Your Dubai Souvenirs
Whether you’re in Dubai for a holiday or your simply leaving to go back home for a little trip, either way, it’s always lovely to bring back some pressies that represent the local culture. Here are our top recommendations for places to go…


We’ve already written an article about our favourite souks in the city, check it out if you haven’t yet. In regards to the better places for souvenirs, we would suggest the Spice Souk; because there’s nothing better than bringing back some exotic spices from another country, and Souk Al Bahar; a great place to soak up some Arabic culture and find a wide range of souvenirs that are typical from Dubai.


This is first and foremost one of the most well-known manufacturers of dates in the UAE and although food doesn’t necessarily count as a souvenir, trust us when we say that a box of these bad boys will never disappoint anyone. They’re delicious and truly a treat you can only find in this part of the world.

The Camel Company

One of the biggest chains of souvenir shops around the city, this is an easy go-to shop for all the most popular souvenirs, a lot of them include various types of camel shaped magnets, keychains, toys, etc. They stick to their brand and produce the cutest little camels you’ll ever find…they make really good gifts for the kiddos especially!