Fortune Favours Art House is Now in Dubai

London based art house known for its contemporary art has a new location

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Fortune Favours Art House is Now in Dubai
Fortune Favours founded by Louis Lee Wright in 2017 is a UK based art house that specialises in contemporary art. After a year of establishing roots, they’ve decided its time to expand and open a second location in the UAE.

With the new branch in Dubai, Fortune Favours aim to create the mix of eclectic cultures, from Western to Arabic and the different types of art that represent them. In order for this to really gain recognisability within the region, there will be several radio appearances and interviews regarding the process as well as information about new Arabic artists on their website.

Not only will this new initiative introduce the mixing of two cultures through arts, it’s also a great platform to promote more low key artists within the UAE who might have not had the chance to showcase their artwork otherwise. Check out their website to get a taste of what kind of art they offer and don’t feel shy to buy any pieces that you really love! Be advised that you’re going to have to wait until August 30th before the new pieces are put on for sale. From street artists like Banksy to modern artists like Basquiat, there’s no shortage of amazing names within the industry.

Apart from the website, there’s also the chance to visit an exhibition which is in the works with plans to open sometime later on in 2018.