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Fireworks on The Beach in celebration of the DSF

Who said fireworks were strictly a NYE thing?

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Fireworks on The Beach in celebration of the DSF
As we’re two weeks into the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), it’s safe to say that everyone in the city is aware of the sales, activities and plans, right?

One thing that might not be common knowledge to everyone is the fireworks taking place the entire month of January on JBR’s, The Beach. It might seem like the celebrations never stop in Dubai, which to be honest is quite accurate. We’ve kicked off 2019 with some record breaking fireworks, followed by the drone display for the Year of Tolerance and now with some celebratory fireworks for the DSF.

We recommend spending the day in JBR because there’s plenty to do, from browsing through the shops (you might even find some great sales you can’t pass up), checking out what movies are in the cinema or simply walking around and discovering the performers/entertainment in all corners of the area. Then, get a chill spot by the sea as you wait for the fireworks to start!

When: Thursdays & Fridays (until February 2nd)

Time: 8pm