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Finally, Eating Out in Dubai Has Gotten Cheaper

The government released a statement about massive cuts on prices in various hotels in the city.

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Finally, Eating Out in Dubai Has Gotten Cheaper
Considering that many of Dubai’s top restaurants, clubs, and other events are located in hotels – it’s no wonder that the government has taken it upon themselves to majorly slash prices so guests can really enjoy quality food and services for less.

According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid the Vice President / Ruler of Dubai, the total percentage of cuts on prices (which includes room bookings) will be 7 per cent, this cut comes with the goal of further increasing Dubai’s brand as a popular tourist destination and making conditions for companies attractive to gain more investors.

Figures show that year after year, Dubai has seen increasing numbers in visitors, with a total of 15.8 million overnight visitors in 2017. The average length that most visitors on holiday stay is anywhere from less than a day (due to DXB being a popular transit airport) to a week.

With these new cuts in hotel prices, the government aims to see a greater increase in tourists from cities all over the world.