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Electric scooters are finally in Dubai

You've probably seen them in big cities all around the world

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Electric scooters are finally in Dubai
Now that we’ve entered 2019, it’s safe to say that one of the biggest trends that literally exploded over night was the electric scooter business. What started off in California (of course) back in 2017, slowly started to hit international cities throughout 2018.

If you were in any of the cities that adopted this new trendy mode of transportation, then you probably noticed how they all showed up one day out of the blue, right? Well, now the same has happened in Dubai…that’s right, we never have to walk again! Ok, but in all seriousness – the company that’s brought these eco-friendly scooters to the city is called Qwikly Mobility, a California based startup that’s chosen Dubai as the first place to launch the product.

So, here’s how you get your hands on a scooter of your own: first, download theĀ Qwikly App, which will then show you where the nearest scooter in your area is located. Go to the scooter and scan the QR code with your phone in order to unlock it, stand on it and press the throttle button and then you’ll be on your way! One of the issues with these scooters in a few other cities is the overwhelming number in places with subpar bike lanes, so obviously, make sure to use the available bike lanes as much as possible and keep off sidewalks! When you’ve arrived to your destination, make sure you park it in a designated location – scooters are available from 6am to 9pm, it costs Dhs3 to unlock it and 50 fils per ever minute you ride (automatically deducted from your associated credit card).

The only requirement is you have to be 18+ with a valid driver’s license (you will need to scan it upon registering to the app). Make sure you ride with a helmet, safety first!