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Dubai’s Favourite Waterparks

A list of the parks you can come for a little splash!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Dubai’s Favourite Waterparks
We all know that Dubai is the perfect place to enjoy the sunny weather and stay cool by the pool. Why not take it one step further and spend a fun day out at one of the many waterparks available. Here are our favourites…

Wild Wadi

If you’re familiar with Dubai, then you know that this is one of the old-school waterparks that was all the rage back around 2008. Since then, several others have opened up, increasing competition amongst all of them, but Wadi has remained a favourite amongst visitors. Its location couldn’t be more perfect, as it’s right in front of none other than the Burj Al Arab… so if it’s your first time in the city you can spend the day here and witness the architectural beauty that is the 7 star hotel. The background to this waterpark is inspiration taken from the tale of Juha, one of the most known characters within Arabian folklore. There’s crazy rides, a wave pool, kid friendly activities/rides and opportunities to practice your surfing skills.


The waterpark that’s part of the famous Atlantis hotel chain, with the one and only “Leap of Faith” slide which you can see below. This waterpark is featured in several movies, like that one Mary-Kate & Ashley movie Holiday in the Sun. There’s definitely some crazy, adrenaline pumping slides/rides, but there’s also plenty to do if you just want to chill/have small kids. One of our top recommendations is the interactive swimming with dolphins activity, if you’re an animal lover this experience will melt your heart!

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Yas Waterworld

Although this waterpark is located in Abu Dhabi, it’s been awarded the leading park in the Middle East region. To make things simple, the park has been organized into several levels so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. They are; EXTREME, HIGH. MEDIUM and LOW. Get ready for some splashing, jumping, diving, sliding and floating around in this massive waterpark. Oh and also, make sure you don’t miss out on the neon nights party tomorrow night.

Splash ‘n’ Party

This is one of the newest waterparks in the city, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you haven’t heard of it. What makes this place stand out from the rest is that it’s specifically built for the purpose of kids’ entertainment and fun. Come here for a family day out if you’ve got some little kids that you don’t think are quite ready for the adrenaline filled rides that you’d find at the other parks on the list. You can let them run around without worrying about if they’re trying anything too dangerous, while you enjoy some R&R in the sun!