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Dubai Mall Has a Haunted House & You Have to Check it Out

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Dubai Mall Has a Haunted House & You Have to Check it Out
Since Halloween is only 16 days away, we have to make the most of the remainder of the month by fully celebrating everything that’s scary, spooky and halloween-ey! Nothing quite emcompasses all of those things than a haunted house!

Hysteria is the recently opened haunted house that you can find in Dubai Mall, which means you can go shopping, watch a movie, eat some lunch and then get the crap scared out of you all in one day… what more could you want? Obviously this type of activity isn’t for the faint hearted, but for the brave ones out there the legend of hysteria is that a family has their children mysteriously disapear, so as you explore the creepy halls you might bump into the parents that are still looking for their kids till this day! Be careful – the parents aren’t particularily friendly or sane.

The eticket option is coming soon, but just pop by the 2nd floor by REEL Cinemas if you want to give it a try. Open daily Sat-Weds (10am-12am) and Thursday+Friday (10am-1am).

They’re also putting on a special “Nightmare Before Christmas” scary spectacle from December 24th if you feel like doing something ~different~ for your x-mas eve.

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