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Dubai Arena is close to completion

We can expect some massive concerts in 2019!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Dubai Arena is close to completion
The announcement of Dubai Arena came just over three years ago in 2016. Now that we’re the first month of 2019, it seems that a completion date is planned for sometime around summer. Here’s the latest:

In true UAE fashion, the entire arena will be indoors, equipped with the strongest AC to make sure we’re all covered during the summer season. Chances are if you’re daily drives happen to pass by City Walk, then you’ve probably noticed construction on the arena over the past couple of years. It’s finally gotten to the stage where it actually looks like the design, which means there are only a few more things to finish off before the official grand opening.

The arena is set to host a variety of events such as concerts, festivals, sporting competitions, exhibitions, etc. with enough capacity to fit 17,000 people. The technology used throughout the construction is absolutely state of the art, but we won’t bore you with all the specific details… but considering that it’s managed by the same company responsible for London’s O2 Arena, expectations are quite high.

If you haven’t seen what the arena looks like recently, check out the Instagram picture below… it’s surreal to see it right?