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Dubai Airport to implement Smart Health Tracks

You won't believe this technology!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Dubai Airport to implement Smart Health Tracks
If you think that the departure/arrival process has already gotten so much easier with smart gates becoming the norm throughout airports across the world, then wait till you hear about the new plans Dubai Airport has…

We all know that when coming off a long flight, we’re not always feeling our best and sometimes even end up catching a cold. Soon enough, Dubai Airport are planning on adding the Smart Health Track to the smart gates, which means our passports and thermal print get scanned (and can ultimately detect whether you’re getting slightly sick by checking your vitals). The technology is quite advanced (we wouldn’t expect any less from Dubai), but in the simplest terms the system uses thermal cameras once you enter the smart gate to scan your body and test your body temperature.

If the results come back with some signs that you could be sick, the data is then sent to the Ministry of Health and Prevention to help in any way possible… talk about amazing customer care! The first prototype was shown at the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition, with a run through on the thermal cameras and how they detect body temperature. Since the tracker is still in the early stages of production, no official date has been set in regards to when we can expect to see them functioning at the airport.