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Cute & Fun Date Night Ideas in Dubai

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Cute & Fun Date Night Ideas in Dubai

One & Only Jetty Lounge

Jetty Lounge really lives up to the name of the hotel, as it truly has its own unique, beautiful, romantic and cozy vibe. Come here for some yummy cocktails, listen to some of the coolest DJs spin some tunes, sit by the fire place and afterwards go for a cute walk by the sea. We’ll guarantee that this plan for a first date will be so memorable that it’ll be tough trying to reach the same level with the second date.

Magic Planet Arcade

Before you skip over this suggestion because going to the arcade for a first date seems like something only 16 year old’s in 80s high school movies do, just humour us for a second. It’s true, an arcade date seems like a bit of a cliche, but from our experience it also has the potential to be a lot of fun (if you pick the right place). Magic Planet in the Emirates Mall has been around for ages, but it’s one of our faves because the vibe is unmatched with any other place. Lets all admit, no matter how old we are we can still all enjoy a air hockey game or a little competition shooting some hoops, right? If you get a lil hungry afterwards, there’s a Johnny Rockets right next door so you can really end the night following through with that 80s mood!

Global Village

Although this might seem like a slightly unorthodox date night, anyone who’s been to global village can agree that it’s quite the experience. You could even put a cheeky twist on the idea and say that you’re taking the date all around the world (which is pretty true). Travel and witness different cultures through food, clothing and much more!


This is by far one of our favourite spots in the city, especially if you come for dinner on their famous french night. It’s the most bougie option out of this whole list, so it might not be for everyone (especially for a first date) but if you’re feeling extra and you’ve just gotten paid, then why not live a little fancy! The food is absolutely delicious and as the night progresses, you’ll be immersed in everything French, from all the popular tunes, to berets to carrying the french flag… trust us, it’s super fun!

The Beach JBR

Whether you want to browse through some shops, check out what movies are on in the cinema (there’s even a luxury option), grab a drink/smoke shisha or just take a walk on the beach whilst listening to the peaceful waves, JBR has got a bit of everything.