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Crazy Weather Cancels Dua Lipa’s Concert at the Louvre

Flash floods surprise everyone in Abu Dhabi

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Crazy Weather Cancels Dua Lipa’s Concert at the Louvre
For those of you in Dubai, you’ve been fortunate enough to escape the crazy storm that swept over parts of the UAE last night. Here’s what you missed:

Last week we wrote an article about the Louvre celebrating their one year anniversary, with Dua Lipa scheduled as the guest performer for the night. We were super excited about it, because duh…have you seen the girl! Sadly, no one could’ve predicted just how bad the weather was going to get over the course of the day.

All of us living in the UAE know that living in the desert means a very dry climate with few rain showers throughout the year. Last night, a storm hit Abu Dhabi, a few areas of Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah with over 8 months of the usual rainfall predicted for the country. Since the cities aren’t equipped for these types of horrendous conditions, the rain quickly transformed into a flash flood that left several stuck in terrible traffic on the roads, power cuts and even an emergency alert urging people to stay indoors because the lightning and winds had potential to be quite dangerous.

Dua Lipa fans were heartbroken to hear that the concert had to be cancelled because the health and safety of the visitors had to be the first priority. Although people were understandably upset, the overall consensus was that it was a necessary decision. Check out Dua’s tweet re the concert below: