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Top 5 pizza places you have to try in Dubai

From thin Italian crust to NY style pizza, you name it, we got it!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Top 5 pizza places you have to try in Dubai
We all know that when you don’t know what to eat for dinner, ordering a pizza is not only an easy option but it also never disappoints (as long as you have a lis

California Pizza Kitchen

One of the biggest international chains, if you’ve never tried their pizza then you’re missing out. Thin crust, lots of cheese and one of the first restaurants to perfect the chicken BBQ pizza that we all know and love. The menu here is massive, so not only do you have endless pizza options, but also a wide variety of other meals (veggie/vegan-friendly as well).

Location: Multiple

800 Pizza

A lowkey chain that can be found around Dubai, the pizzas here are Italian style, but perfectly cooked and not runny. Their slogan is: Thin, Light & Crispy and to be honest, is there any other way? Our favourite order here is the bruschetta as an appetiser and then a classic diavola – it’s basically a pepperoni but with added spice!

Location: Multiple

Pizza Express

Another chain that can be found in various cities worldwide but definitely less known than California Pizza Kitchen. This pizza spot is very similar to 800 pizza and their sizes are just perfect to fill you up without feeling like you’re about to burst. Our favourite appetiser is the bread balls with garlic butter – you won’t be disappointed.

Location: Multiple


This might be one of the best-kept secrets in Dubai because not many actually know there’s a Vapiano in the city? Although some could say it’s a bit basic of us to put in a chain restaurant, those who’ve eaten at a Vapi’s know that the food is so good that it totally deserves to be put on our top three list. Just wait in line and tell the chef exactly what ingredients you want on your pizza – you get to see the whole process live which is one of the best parts about this place.

Location: Thuraya Tower 1 – G floor – 2 Al Falak St

Project Pie

This restaurant only recently opened in City Walk two years ago and it’s definitely a hidden gem. Here you will find artisan pizza; with dough made from scratch, homemade tomato sauce with basil and their signature spice blend to create the freshest “pie” you’ve ever tried. They have a few of their signature combos or you also have the option to choose your own ingredients. The whole process from making the pie, to baking it in their open fire deck oven to serving it on your table takes a total of 5 minutes max – so you know you won’t be hungry for long. If you’ve got a big appetite, there’s a chance that you won’t feel satisfied enough with just one pie since the base is relatively thin, so we’d recommend getting two (also means more fun experimenting with toppings).

Location: City Walk

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It was a regular day at @ProjectPieUAE, the clock struck 2 and people began flowing in. He quickly placed his apron on, ticking his shift on the attendance sheet, before looking up and noticing 'her'. He went to his station, his eyes never leaving her. He walked by slowly, as she noticed him, a little confused as to why he never blinked while staring at her. Placing her order, she waited, while the order was passed on to him. He took out the pizza dough, and began beating it. Flipping it in the air, while staying looking at her, giving a confident smile, before it fell on his head. She laughed, along with her friends, as he quickly whipped up another batch. ___ The orders started coming in, and more dough was being used, sliding the pre-cooked Pizzas into the baked oven. He watched as she flipped her hair, their eyes connected once again. Her face quickly changed, as she noticed the Pizzas began overflowing everywhere. She quickly went to help him, before the weight of all the Pizzas overflowing from the machine caused them to fall next to each other. Laughing, as they were covered in all kinds of toppings. His boss came over, and gave him a "You know you're fired" look. But he didn't mind, because the look he was getting from her was a "You know you're going out with me tonight" look. End scene. ___

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