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2030 will be the year of automated transport

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Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

2030 will be the year of automated transport
We all know that Dubai is one of the most ambitious cities out there, with constant plans to innovate and change the current landscape. The RTA have big plans in regards to the future of transportation in the city and it looks like we finally have a date to look forward to…

From news of flying taxi’s, autonomous pods and sky pods coming to the city, it might sometimes seem like these inventions might be too grand and unrealistic. We’ve seen the video of the crazy flying taxi’s, but are we really that close to airborn transportation becoming the norm? According to the RTA, their current goal is to have 25% of the UAE’s transport automated in some way and although it’s a bold statement, it seems to be their top priority in order to become an industry leader.

The state of automation in Dubai is currently at 9% due to the driverless metro that was launched back in 2009, so it’s definitely not an impossible goal to achieve. Recently announced at the Future of Mobility in the Fourth Industrial Revolution conference at this year’s World Government Summit, the RTA have named 2030 as the year they finally get to the 25% number. As of now, everything is done with baby steps and we’re all looking forward to free wifi in the taxi’s by the end of this year.

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