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Attention All Shoppers: Another Massive Mall is Coming…

Just when you thought the city couldn't fit another mall!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Attention All Shoppers: Another Massive Mall is Coming…
Massive mall is set to cover an area of 1 million square foot, so for all of us who got lost finding our way around Dubai Mall… get ready to learn your way around One Avenue Mall once it opens!

To those who have never been to Dubai, it might seem that the city is only filled with malls on every corner. Well, it seems that way because it’s sorta true… and us Dubai residents love it! What else will sheild us from the scorching heat during the summer months? To some it might seem slightly shallow, but that’s because you haven’t lived enough time in Dubai to appreciate that it’s just part of our routines.

So here’s the big news: if you feel like you’ve gotten the lay of the land with the majority of malls, then don’t worry just yet because the city is planning construction on the Avenue District, a neighbourhood that spans a total of 2 million feet. Within the district there will be apartments and most importantly, a mega mall (its currently set to cover more than half of the total land of the development). Unfortunately, it’s still the early days in the process so we can’t give you much more information on what to expect, but we do know that considering it’s enourmous size, there will be plenty of activities that anyone can enjoy.