Another Crazy Cinema Option in Dubai

Just when we thought the cinemas couldn't get any more extra...

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Another Crazy Cinema Option in Dubai
The ultimate cinema that we didn’t know we needed until now is finally here, Reel Cinemas has just opened their brand new Screen X experience… interested to know what the means?

As shown in the featured image, moviegoers get the ultimate immersive experience as they’re surrounded by screens 270 degrees around them. Ah Dubai, never dissapoints with innovating on the luxury and extraness that the city is known for.

It’s the first experience of its kind within the UAE and among the few cities in the world that offer similar services. Here’s a quick description of the tech involved: the image from the film is projected onto the cinema’s three walls, without the need for seperate screens. Essentially, from your perspective, you’ll have full view of the movie no matter where your head turns… sounds perfect for action and horror movies (or maybe one of those decisions you’ll instantly regret?).

What are you waiting for? In the heat we’re going through right now, an escape to an all immersive cinema is exactly what we all need. Who wants popcorn?! P.S. if you buy a ticket, Reel Cinemas is offering half price for entrance into VR Park. Sounds like the perfect summer day (in Dubai).