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Adventure Zone: all the activities you could possibly want in one place

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Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Adventure Zone: all the activities you could possibly want in one place
Adventure Zone is an indoor facility that’s home to several activities ranging from a skate park to a rock climbing wall. It’s fun for all ages and the ideal place to bring the kids on the weekend so they have an outlet for all their energy. Here’s what’s inside:

This facility is open all year round, which means its a safe haven during the scorching summer months when you’re dying for some physical activity but can’t do anything outside. However, even though we’re in the winter season, Adventure Zone is still a fun place to go to spend the day and whatever you’re looking to do, chances are they’ve got it. Inside you can find, a zip line, trampoline park (basically a room full of trampolines to jump around in), cable climb, different level rope obstacle courses, rock climbing wall and more.

There are plenty of helpful instructors around to make sure that everyone is safe and to assist in perfecting your technique/form/etc. The fitness levels of every activity range from beginner to expert, so you don’t have to feel intimidated if you’re just trying something out for the first time. A place like this is perfect for birthday parties where you know you’re going to need to keep the kids thoroughly entertained!