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25 Pancakes Under 25 Minutes: Can You Handle the Challenge?

In celebration of the Canadian restaurant's 25th birthday!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

25 Pancakes Under 25 Minutes: Can You Handle the Challenge?
What better way to celebrate the anniversary of a restaurant’s opening than by giving the people what they want – a food challenge!

If you fancy a free breakfast, then come by to Eggspectation and order the 25 pancake stack. Before you get too excited, the challenge you face is to devour the entire plate in no more than 25 minutes. You might think this doesn’t seem too hard, but what you must know is that the pancakes aren’t thin like crepes but large, thick, covered in maple syrup, whipped cream and berries.

Don’t worry – the restaurant is aware that to concquer the challenge alone might be slightly unrealistic (impossible?) so you’re allowed to tackle the challenge in a group of no more than 4 people. If you somehow manage to convince 3 other people that this is a good idea, then that means roughly 6 pancakes each… seems more doable than 25 right?

If you come out the champions of the challenge, then you get the meal for free and will be applauded by the entire eggspectation staff. You also have the unspoken right to boast about the crazy breakfast you had and how you’re clearly not weak. You’ll also be gifted a voucher for the restaurant to use whenever you come back next (pancakes are not mandatory).

Check out the instagram below to prepare you for what to expect if you’re seriously considering the challenge.

Address –

The Beach: Shop # 1406, Roxy Cinema Building – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

City Walk: City Walk, Al Safa Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates