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You Might Spot a Little Shark in the Dubai Marina

Don't worry, it doesn't bite.

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

You Might Spot a Little Shark in the Dubai Marina
Ok, we might have slightly over exaggerated the title, but there is a tiny grain of truth. There’s something new swimming around the waters at Dubai Marina…

Ecocoast┬áis a Dubai-based company that’s committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions to coastal development. Their recent invention, the WasteShark is a 1.5m device whose purpose is to swim along the water and remove any trash that’s on its route (plastic, oil and more). It can be operated with a remote control or can be put on auto mode to cruise the waters by itself as it collects up to 350kg of waste before returning to shore to empty and be sent off on its job again.

Obviously based on its size it can only function on very calm waters, which is why it’s perfect for Dubai Marina. It’s safe to say that we support any invention trying to clean up our planet!