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Where To Find the Best Bargain Shopping in Dubai

If you love to shop but you're on a budget, this list is your bestfriend!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Where To Find the Best Bargain Shopping in Dubai
We all know Dubai has built its reputation as a heaven of sorts for the shopaholics out there and while it’s always fun to ball out once in a while, sometimes you just want the satisfaction of finding a great deal and a little bargain! Here are our top 3 recommendations for discount shopping in Dubai:

Dragon Mart 2

If you’ve lived in Dubai for a while then chances are you’ve heard of or been to the old school Dragon Mart at least once, whether you were on the hunt for a cheap suitcase, housing materials or maybe some fake speakers? Well, the recently opened second part of the mall is a dream come true because it’s cheap and also much more aesthetically pleasing to walk through. With about 1,000 shops, restaurants, a cinema… it’s got everything you’d want at a mall (with the added bonus of cheap stuff brought over from China).

Address: International City Al Awir Road – Interchange 5 – Dubai

Outlet Mall

For all of us who are obsessed with brands, we all know that an excursion to the outlet mall is one of the best ideas because you’re guaranteed to find at least one good deal. From Harvey Nichols to Givenchy, to Adidas and whatever else you can think of, you’ll find it there without doubt. It’s located slightly outside of the city, but the drive is definitely worth it, because on some days you’ll find discounts up to 90% – our tip is to check it out on Bargain Mondays for the best prices around. Happy shopping!

Address: Al-Ain Road (Route 66)، Dubai Land – Dubai

City Centre Deira

This is one of the OG malls in Dubai and although it’s not neccesarily a “bargain” hunter place by definition, since it’s essentially the same as all the other malls in the city, its location in Deira automatically means that its prices are lower than what you’d find in the Dubai Mall, for example. We’d recommend coming here for any electronics that you’re in the market for, and while you’re in the area, walk around Deira… it’s got a completely different vibe from the rest of Dubai!

Address: 8th St – Dubai