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Where to Find Drive Thru Food in Dubai

Whether you want some fries, coffee or snacks, we got it all!

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Where to Find Drive Thru Food in Dubai
We all know McDonalds immediately comes to mind when we hear the word drive thru, but what other places are available in the city to pick up some food on a long drive?


Karfood has a few locations around Dubai, but for the purpose of this article if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat while you’re driving somewhere then this is a great option. They’re mainly known for burgers and fries, but what sets them apart is their very unique types of burger buns that range in different colours from pink to black. If you’re sick of the same old boring McDonalds, but still craving some comfort food then this is the place to go!

Address792 Jumeria Rd – Dubai


If you’re a Dubai local then chances are you’ve heard about Antar or at least passed it at some point during your car rides. Don’t come here expecting 5 star service and food, this place does the job if you’re looking for some easy food like fries and a shawarma on your way somewhere. You can stay parked in your car and they waiters come straight out to you to take your order. When your food is prepared, they deliver it straight to your car window. Our tip is to try the hassam mathar, a wrap that it’s similar to a shawarma but arguably slightly yummier? Up to you to decide!

Address: 997 Al Wasl Rd – Dubai


This is the place you come for a much needed coffee break, except the added cherry on top is each drink comes with a cheeky donut! Not only do you get a boost of caffeine but also some sugar… sounds like the perfect combo!

Address: Jumeria Road – Dubai

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Tea Way

Another great spot to get a quick beverage, tea way serves an Indian classic known as Karak tea. If you haven’t tried it yet we highly recommend, its sweet milky cardamom flavour is hard not to love!

Address: Jumeirah St – Dubai