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What’s Happening in Dubai This Weekend


Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

What’s Happening in Dubai This Weekend
We’re all happy that Thursday is finally here and we can forget about work for a few days, so to help you make the most of the weekend here are a few things on the agenda the next three days…

Ladies Night

Sorry lads, but this is strictly a girl-only zone… why not get the gang together for a fun girls night out at one of the many bars/clubs that do a ladies only night in the city? Find out the deals here.

Rooftop Cinema

Spice up the typical Friday night cinema outing by checking out VOX’s new rooftop cinema, equipped with a retractable ceiling to shield us from the humidity since it hasn’t cooled down quite enough yet. Find out more here.

Zabeel Flea Market

Possibly one of Dubai’s more lowkey events, since the over saturation of luxury shopping often makes it seem like thirfting and flea markets aren’t a concept within the city. However, the Zabeel Flea Market exists and for those of you who love finding good bargains, antiques and vintage pieces… this is the place to go! Oh and if you’re the one that wants to declutter some items of your own then you can always stop by with whatever you wanna sell! Friday from 6-10pm.


Yeah, we know…brunch is about as basic as it gets, however no one’s ever said that they hate brunch. Or if they have, those people are weird and we want nothing to do with them. Find out about our favourite brunch places here.

Tribeca Comedy Night

Free entry to Tribeca bar’s new comedy night called “Giggles and Stitches”, premiering for the first time this September the 8th. You’ll get the chance to see international comedians from India, Ukraine, America and more. Eight stand up shows in one night, you’ll be tired of laughing by the end… if that’s even possible. More info and tickets here.