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What to see at Hatta in Dubai

A few of the popular things to see at this lowkey spot just outside the city

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What to see at Hatta in Dubai
If you haven’t heard of Hatta before then don’t worry because it’s probably one of the best kept secrets that are hiding just outside of Dubai’s bustling urban jungle. Back in the day there really wasn’t much to do, the place was pretty much deserted with a few forts and farms scattered around. Now, it’s become a tourist spot with tons of activities for adventure and sports lovers. Here are 4 outdoorsy things to do if you decide to check it out…

Hatta Dam

On the drive to Hatta you might be confused where exactly you’ll be going as the majority of the way you’ll be surrounded by the typical desert landscape one finds in Dubai. However, once you reach the Hatta area you’ll be surprised by the lush scenery, gorgeous mountains and turquoise water. We recommend driving along with your car over the dam, and then hike a little bit between the photo stops (there’s even a spot to rent kayaks).


Mountain Bike

For those that really want to get active, then you’re in luck because there’s a perfect mountain bike trail made just for you! You’ll see tons of other amateur and professional cyclists around you as you try make it to the end of the trail. Don’t worry, there’s four route levels available so if you’re a beginner or a veteran cyclist, there’s something that suits your level perfectly. Oh and planning a trip here is easy because the trails are open yearly 24h a day!

Heritage Village

This is the place to explore if you’re a history buff and curious what Dubai used to look like back before the massive construction burst. Here you’ll be able to see a traditional Emirati village, one of the oldest in all of the Emirates. Just a little tour around the area and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Have a peak in the local ruler’s house called Bait Al Wali to see what life used to be like during that period, there’s a display of the instruments, weapons and other tools that were used in daily life.

Hatta Hill Park

Last on the list is visiting the Hatta Park, which is only a short drive away from the village… so you can kill two birds with one stone. This park is a slightly different feel from the traditional village as it was only built in 2004 by the Dubai Municipality with the goal of adding more greenery/entertainment for the residents. We recommend stopping by for your lunch, as it’s the perfect spot to settle for a lovely picnic.