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What Dubai Creek Has to Offer

One of the most peaceful spots in the city...

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What Dubai Creek Has to Offer

Dubai Creek is the latest location on our list of must-see places in the city, and like always, we’ve listed our top recommendations for what you can find in the area.


The famous Queen Elizabeth II has recently been refurbished and cleaned up to offer you the amazing experience of staying on a boat in a luxury hotel style accommodation. Docked at Dubai’s Mina Rashid, once you step aboard you’ll be transported to a different era. Here you have endless options of restaurants to eat at, bars, and entertainment such as the QE2 exhibition. What sounds better than having a staycation here?

Golf & Yacht Club

Nothing quite matches up to the immediate sense of style you feel when you spend the day at a “country” club, and the Golf & Yacht club is no different. Having been opened since 1993, this place has left its mark in Dubai as family friendly and a top spot to watch various tournaments and events. The Clubhouse, as seen in the instagram picture below, is a photo-op favourite amongst tourists due to its stunning architecture. If you’ve got a yacht, then this is also the perfect place to dock, or rent a boat for the day.

Seawings Seaplane

Before you think that you’ve exhausted all options of activities to do in Dubai, we’ve got you covered with one more thing to add to your list. Why not fly over the magical skyline by Seawings Seaplane to view the city from a different perspective? You’ll get a full tour of the most popular attractions all the while enjoying a fun trip in the sky.

Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort

Although Dubai might not seem like the most historically rich city because it’s relatively young compared to many other cities and extremely modern, there are a few hidden gems that are perfect for the pure history nerds out there. The Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort give you the full history of Old Dubai that is often forgotten behind the glitz & glam of the constant construction of new things. Here you’ll learn about the urban and rural lives in Dubai within different environments such as, desert, mountain, coastal, etc.

Dhow Cruise

You might have seen these little boats all around the city before, but never known where you can catch a ride yourself. The dhows, are traditional Arabic boats and one of the main places you can find cruise options is at the Dubai Creek. We recommend going at night because the lights make the whole scenery that much more spectacular. Check out the website above to give you an idea about prices and options available.