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Viva City has confirmed Sport Society will open by 2020

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Viva City has confirmed Sport Society will open by 2020
Just when you thought Dubai couldn’t possibly have another mall, the construction company Viva City announces their project of the biggest sports mall in the world, due to be completed in 2020 just by Deira City Centre. Here’s what we know so far:

Sports Society is set to be three stories and a total area of 12 football fields…just try and picture how big that would be in your head for a second. According to the head of design, the vision includes an all-encompassing mall, that combines shopping, entertainment and most importantly, sports. This sort of concept is innovative in the sense that it encourages visitors to adopt a sporty mentality as they’re surrounded by active and intriguing environments.

Of the three floors, it’s only fitting that the ground level acts as the main area for the variety of sporting events that will take place in the city. Level two and three will be dedicated to random stores, most of which will include sporting apparel and goods as well as areas for random sports activities. Of course, no mall will be complete without somewhere to take a little break and have a bite to eat. There will be tons of healthy and organic restaurants, fitting in with the goal of keeping it an active space. If you’re wondering whether you can find bars to watch the live¬†football games or tournaments, look no further because there will be massive screens both inside and outside to enjoy all the big matches. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a whole year before anything is complete, but it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited.