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Uber Has A Surprise For You Tonight

Get spooky in style!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Uber Has A Surprise For You Tonight
In celebration of Halloween, UberGHOST is a thing and we’re here to tell you what you’re in store for tonight.

Halloween is always a night that faces a lot of traffic, people are out and about, they’ve got places to be and parties to go to. Its one of those crazy nights like NYE, but maybe a little less hectic. Uber has anticipated the probability of a high number of requests, so they decided to make the situation more fun for the passengers… wait until you hear the treat in store for you!

From around 6 pm till midnight, you’ll see a new option on your Uber order and it couldn’t be more fitting for Halloween. For a few lucky users, your display might show the word ghost¬†which means that not only do you get the chance to be picked up in a Rolls Royce but your ride will also be on the house. Although it would be amazing if we all got the opportunity to ride in style for free, we all know that the world doesn’t work like that. If you’re an inherently lucky person, then fingers crossed that you stumble upon the ghost.

Before you pull a sook because life isn’t fair, the tiny bit of good news is that Uber will actually hand out bags of candy to any passengers taking their cars that day. Um… honestly it (almost) makes up for the Rolls Royce situation, no?