UAE Museums To Add A Little Culture To Your Life

No excuse to dodge the museums now...

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

UAE Museums To Add A Little Culture To Your Life
We know that on first glance it might seem that Dubai hasn’t got a lot to offer when it comes to museums, however this is a common misconception that we’re going to prove is false. Have a look through our list of museums around the UAE which will give you the cultural fix you’re craving!


Since November 2017 a second Louvre opened in Abu Dhabi, after France and the UAE joint forces to create this cultural institution. This museum represents a new direction for Abu Dhabi, as the art world ventures into the contemporary field, but also equally commemorating the city’s international roots.

Museum of the Future

This museum is set to open sometime in 2019, but its crazy design and architecture is hard to miss as you drive in the business bay area of Dubai. As the name suggests, everything inside will be dedicated to futuristic innovation and design, showcasing some of the biggest trends we can expect tomorrow and the days that follow.


Sharjah Arts Foundation

This museum can be found in Sharjah’s historic Art and Heritage Areas… yes, a place like this actually exists in Sharjah! The foundation puts on several events, exhibits and more throughout the year, featuring work from esteemed international artists. Currently, you can find the famous Rain Room, an immersive experience that created its roots in London. As seen in the instagram picture below, the name isn’t just clickbait, but an accurate representation of what one can expect. It’s one of our personal recommendations, there’s nothing more refreshing and cleansing than being surrounded by heavy rain!

Dubai Museum

Although Dubai might not seem like the most historically rich city because it’s relatively young compared to many other cities and extremely modern, there are a few hidden gems that are perfect for the pure history nerds out there. The Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort give you the full history of Old Dubai that is often forgotten behind the glitz & glam of the constant construction of new things. Here you’ll learn about the urban and rural lives in Dubai within different environments such as, desert, mountain, coastal, etc.

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions defies all the typical rules that have been ingrained in us when visiting museums, as participants are encouraged to touch, look around and explore all the crazy things that it has to offer. No need to worry about being told off for taking pictures because that’s one of the bonuses of coming to this exhibit.