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The Ultimate Guide to Discovering the Palm

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The Ultimate Guide to Discovering the Palm
Obviously, our ultimate guides wouldn’t be fully complete if we didn’t include the Palm. Although it’s definitely one of the more chill parts of the city since the majority is residential, there are still quite a few fun things to do and we’ve put them together for you in this handy list:



It wouldn’t be a list about the Palm if we didn’t include the famous Atlantis resort. The brand is pretty well known, probably because of that one Mary Kate & Ashley movie where they go to the Bahamas and stay at Atlantis the whole time. Just kidding, but seriously it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. There’s so much to do here and we recommend coming to spend the whole day (or actually stay at the hotel if you’re really balling out), you’ll find everything from a massive water park (with the option to swim with cute dolphins), to restaurants, an aquarium and a bunch of boutiques to shop in.

Address: Crescent Rd – Dubai


The Palm is a pretty chill place to hang out in itself, so we’d suggest just walking around and familiarizing yourself with the area… it’s a pretty crazy architectural and man-made project so you might as well soak it all up. There’s also several cafes around the area, you’ll most likely find them on the ground floor of the apartment buildings.



Just like that Drake song goes, Nobu Nobu Nobu… this is one of those bougie restaurants that’s definitely worth the hype. The ambience, the food and the experience are unmatched and you won’t regret coming here at least once. Plus, it’s one of the lucky places you might spot a celebrity, although chances are a bit lower than if you went to the one in LA or New York. Still worth a shot! It’s also conveniently located at Atlantis, so if you spend the day there then you easily have your dinner option right at your fingertips.

Address: Ground Level, Atlantis


Five Palm

After dinner, you have to check out the recently built Five Palm Hotel! Not only is it absolutely breathtaking, but there’s also a huge range of restaurants, bars/lounges to discover inside! It’s the perfect way to end the night in class.

Address: No. 1 Palm Jumeirah