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Pop up petting zoo at City Centre Me’aisem

Your kids will love this!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Pop up petting zoo at City Centre Me’aisem
Just when you thought you’ve heard it all when it comes to crazy things that only happen in Dubai, the City Centre Me’aisem announces they’ll have a pop-up petting zoo…

We know that Dubai isn’t necessarily the easiest place to be at one with nature, so whenever an opportunity pops up (literally) to see some cute hamsters, goats, chickens and rabbits… it’s too good to pass up. Head to the “Outdoors” area at City Centre Me’aisem and let your kids make friends with all the animals and what’s dreamier than a pony ride!

The zoo is now open for business in the newly opened bustling area known as “Outdoors” right outside the mall, there’s also several food markets around for when you get peckish! Available until March 25th, make the most of the current beautiful weather (before it starts warming up) and take advantage of a free activity in the city (aside from the petting zoo/food markets, there will also be several workshops, movie screenings and a DJ over the weekends).