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Pogba & Messi Visit Salt Bae’s Steakhouse in Dubai

Three icons all together in one place!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Pogba & Messi Visit Salt Bae’s Steakhouse in Dubai
For those of you who missed the pictures circling around online, here are the celebrity sightings that you missed over the weekend:

Although the meme that broke the internet and led to the subsequent fame/name of Salt Bae happened about two years ago, his reputation and notorious steakhouse continue to garner widespread media attention and celebrities from all over the world. Since his chain, Nusr-et has several international locations in cities like Istanbul, New York, etc. it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse/snap a pic of the man during your dinner at the Dubai branch. If you’re one of the lucky few, then we applaud your timing!

Usually, when certain celebrities visit the city, it’s quite common for them to stop by the restaurant to get their taste of the famous steaks that everyone raves about. So obviously, when two of the biggest names in football right now decide to drop by, you know that Salt Bae will be there to greet them! Have a look at the Instagram picture of the three of them together below and the video of Pogba getting the whole show with his served food! What do you think Messi & Pogba were talking about during their dinner?