Dubai Weather Doesn’t Look Too Good

Some sandy days ahead of us unfortunately...
Some sandy days ahead of us unfortunately...
Those of us living in Dubai have been dealing with some pretty interesting weather the past couple days and it seems like it’ll last till the end of the week.

The city pretty much has been covered in a fog of sand and dust that’s so thick, it’s covered the sky. If you look outside, on the first thought it seems like a gloomy day… but once you go outside you realise although it’s technically “gloomy” it’s still just as hot and humid as the Dubai summer always is. You almost forget that there’s a blue sky and sun hidden beneath all the layers of dust.

On one hand, it’s sort of a treat to be able to escape the harsh rays of the sun directly, on the other hand, being outside still feels equally miserable because the humidity is just as bad and on top of that, you forget what the sun looks like!

A look below at the forecast for today and you’ll see literal dust fill up the image, although the high of today only reaches 39°C, it still feels like you’re in 51°C heat with a 60% humidity rate. Let’s all be honest, it’s not really the best weather to be running around outside enjoying the summer. Our advice, try to hibernate indoors for as much as possible and turn those AC’s on full blast!

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