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New Rates for Emirates’ at Home Check-in Luggage Service

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Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

New Rates for Emirates’ at Home Check-in Luggage Service
If you’re the kind of person that hates the whole airport process, then you’re in luck because Emirates have announced some new prices that you can’t pass up.

We’ve entered the festive period of the calendar, we all know as soon as we hit November it’s pretty much the Christmas spirit all the way through until January. This also means that there will be a massive influx of travel over the next month and a half… Emirates is no stranger to massive crowds of travellers so they decided to try and make everyone’s lives easier with some discounted rates that will definitely tempt some of you.

If you didn’t know, the airline offers a service which allows you to hire someone to come and pick up any luggage that you’re planning on checking in. The only problem with a luxury like this is that the price has to reflect the service you’re getting, making it unaffordable to most people. Now all of that is going to change because Emirates drastically lowered their prices to provide you with a luxury service that doesn’t just cater to a niche community. During this festive period, the at home luggage pick up & check-in costs Dhs250 and includes a total of seven bags (to put it into context, the old price was three times more expensive). In case you’re travelling with a large party of people and have more than seven bags, each one afterwards will cost Dhs25, so it might even be smart to get a group together and split the service cost.

Book the service up to 48 hours before your flight and the agents will meet you anywhere you specify in the city – the bags will go through the usual procedure of being weighed, tagged and then your boarding passes will be given to you. All you’ll be left to do is show up at the airport and go through security/passport control – making the travel process 100x more enjoyable and relaxed. Click here for more information or if you want to book right now!