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20 things you experience in Dubai *relatable*

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

20 things you experience in Dubai *relatable*
How many of these have happened to you?

If you’re from Dubai, chances are you’ve experienced at least half of this list. If you’re a tourist on the other hand, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to relate to a few…

  1. You’ve been to Dubai Mall on a public holiday and immediately regretted your decision because it seemed like the whole UAE all met up in one place
  2. You’ve gotten lost on Sheikh Zayed road and somehow ended up in Festival City (this one might be slightly niche?)
  3. You know your way around the different malls way too well
  4. Summer months are for hibernating and having your AC on full blast
  5. You’ve come out to find your car surrounded by little pink cards advertising a massage
  6. You’ve gotten lost trying to figure your way around the JBR buildings
  7. You’ve done your fair share of drive-ins on Jumeirah road
  8. You’ve eaten one too many Shawarma’s!
  9. You have your favourite hummus place!
  10. Camping in the desert has a whole new meaning
  11. Thursday’s & Sunday’s have a whole new meaning
  12. People think you’re rich AF as soon as you tell them where you live
  13. Which, sort of makes sense when you see the crazy cars people drive
  14. “Winter is coming” is a positive phrase
  15. You’ve become slightly extra and get called out on it sometimes
  16. Getting calls from unknown numbers is completely normal (you know it’s always a scam)
  17. Paying rent is even worse than usual because it has to be done in one go
  18. You’ve realised how much you took walking for granted 🙁
  19. The architecture is out of this world
  20. World Record breaking events are no biggie!