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Dubai’s traditional abras have gotten a new upgrade…

A great way to explore the creek!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Dubai’s traditional abras have gotten a new upgrade…
One of the best activities we recommend doing in Dubai is taking a ride on one of the many abras that they have around the city. The Road’s and Transport Authority (RTA) have just announced that a new model of the traditional abra is in the works to be running and taking passengers soon. Here’s what it includes:

The hybrid abras look the same as the old ones, except they now have a 20KW electric motor, 26 lead crystal batteries, solar energy panels and a handy generator ready on standby to recharge the batteries when they get low. They are being tested by the RTA as we speak and will soon be available for everyday rides at Dubai Creek, with capacity of up to 20 riders.

That’s not all, the new abras also have an all new ventilation and cooling system so that those hot summer rides are actually enjoyable and even some USB charging ports for when your phones are on low bat… an absolutely essential addition! So what are the benefits of the new upgrades? Well, a 87% decrease in carbon emissions compared to traditional petrol run abras, almost no noise when in motion, a 172% decrease in fuel consumption and an overall more cost effective way to maintain them.

If you want to give them a go while they’re in their testing phase, you can find stations at Al Seef, Baniyas, Dubai Old Souq and Al Ghubaiba. Rides are currently as cheap as Dhs2 and with this new state of the art modernisation, what’s stopping you from taking a little cruise? The brand new routes will be fully open and functioning in 2020, around Dubai Creek, Jumeirah beach and the water canal, with a total of 58 transport stations.